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Everyone who has a pet and a carpet knows just how difficult pet odor removal can be

Everyone who has a pet and a carpet knows just how difficult pet odor removal in Irving Texas can be. While your pets may have litter boxes or are taken out regularly for them to do their “thing” outdoors, there are times when your pets do soil your carpets, particularly when they are young and still undergoing toilet training. This problem of pet odor is not that easy to handle on your own, which is why professionals should be called in to do the job.

When a pet defecates or pees on one spot of your carpet, it is likely for them to continuously return to that spot to do their “thing” over and over again. They can also choose to be magnanimous and spread their discharge in a few different spots. If you can catch them doing this early on, you might be able to stop them from creating a habit out of such behavior. Remember, if a spot smells of animal urine or feces, they usually think that it is an okay spot for them to discharge on.

In order for you to stop your pets from stinking up your carpet altogether, it is best you do toilet train them from the very start. Once they realize that your carpet is not grass that they can defecate or pee on anytime they want, they will learn not to mess up your carpet again. For you to effectively toilet train your pets however, you need to keep your carpets clean and free from pet odors. To do this, you might want to get a professional to thoroughly remove any remaining pet odors that may have seeped through your carpet the first few times your pet decided to make your carpet its bathroom.

Aside from the odor, you can also expect to see stains on your carpet where your pet peed or pooped. This can be somewhat of a blessing since you can easily locate where your pets soiled your carpets due to the discoloration. While the removal of stains and the removal of pet odor from carpets usually involve different removal methods, most carpet cleaning services that are experts in this field can easily do both. As long as they can easily locate the areas that have these stains and odors, you can be sure they can get your carpet cleaned and odor free as soon as possible.

Some people believe that they can actually do this task themselves. If the odor problem is new, then the removal of pet odors in Irving can indeed be a DIY task. You can try to neutralize any pet odor that you find early on with the use of a few home-made remedies, which include baking soda, lemon juice and water mixed together to form a deodorizing agent. This must be used on the spot the very moment your pet soils such an area. If the pet odor has been around for longer though, you might want to get a professional cleaner to do this for you.

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