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Mattress Cleaning in Irving

Miracle Steam offers professional mattress cleaning in Irving to keep your home clean and your loved ones healthy. Call for our affordable mattress cleaning prices and book your next appointment today!

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Miracle Steam Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning in Irving TX

Miracle Steam is an Irving based carpet cleaning, tile, grout, rug cleaning company that fully understands the importance of customer service.

It is our belief that our clients are our greatest asset. At Miracle Steam our top priority is delivering the level of service that we promise.

At Miracle Steam we know that when you purchase a new mattress for your home it is a long-term investment.  We also know that finding reliable mattress cleaning in Irving TX can be challenging. We focus on one thing – providing you the best mattress cleaning possible.

We make sure that you are satisfied with our work so that when you need your mattress cleaned again, you feel comfortable contacting us again and again. We feel that if you are not comfortable referring us to your friends and family, we did something wrong.

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Reasons to Choose Miracle Steam for your Irving Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning in Irving

Mattress cleaning Irving by Miracle Steam. Mattress cleaning services will bring new life back to bedding and help to eliminate the natural accumulation of body smells, dust mites and even bugs on your mattresses. Mattress cleaning is one more step Irving residents can take in restoring and maintaining the health of their home. Many of our customers realize the importance regular steam cleaning service can make in keeping their home clean. They routinely have their carpet and furniture professionally cleaned in order to remove dust, pollen, pet hair, smoke, and a variety of other chemicals that float through the air and rest on rugs, sofas, and recliners. However, mattress cleaning is often an overlooked aspect of a thorough home cleaning. For Irving mattress cleaning services call Miracle Steam today and schedule your appointment. You are sure to be satisfied with the exceptional level of care we provide along with our outstanding commitment to customer service. Remember we offer a 100% satisfaction on all of our mattress cleaning services. Miracle Steam mattress cleaning Irving can offer you fast efficient service with guaranteed satisfaction. With the average person spending eight hours a night on their mattress, the body oils, sweat, dust, and air pollution can quickly and easily add up. Even outbreaks of bed bugs can threaten the health of your mattress and your family. For professional mattress cleaning, Irving residents should rely on the experience and expertise of Miracle Steam. Consider that the biggest reason for hiring us are microscopic bugs that live and reproduce inside your bedding. We realize that bugs in your bed is not a pleasant topic to talk about, but surely you want to learn more:

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are microscopic bugs found in a variety of households. They can cause a reaction in people with a dust mite allergy. These reactions can be serious, making mattress cleaning in Irving an important task.

Where Do Dust Mites Live

Dust mites are very adept creatures. They can survive in all sorts of climates, including altitude and the hot summers of Georgia. They thrive in all seasons and are particularly reproductive in wet and warm weather. During this time, a female dust mite can lay hundreds of eggs at once. They often live in carpet and furniture but they have a particular attraction to mattresses. They can colonize in blankets, pillows, furniture, carpeting, and mattresses, and feed on the dead skin cells (i.e. “dust”) that humans shed all day and all night.

What Harm Do Dust Mites Cause

When considering the importance of mattress cleaning, Irving residents should consider the danger dust mites present. Dust mites are well known in the allergy and asthma world as insects that truly “bug” the respiratory system. According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, approximately 10 percent of Americans have allergies that are sensitive to dust mites. Sometimes this is a direct allergy, while other times it is a secondary allergy exacerbated by a primary allergy, such as one to pollen. An allergy to dust mite can be serious, especially for those with underlying conditions such as asthma, and cause wheezing and difficulty breathing. Other times, a dust mite allergy will cause uncomfortable and irritating reactions. These include hay fever, eczema, watering eyes, runny nose, itchiness, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, facial pain and pressure, swollen skin and frequent disruptions of sleep.

What can Be Done About Them

Because of their adaptability, it can be hard to prevent dust mites altogether. In essence, dust mites are creatures who can survive in almost any home. Keeping your home sealed, with windows and doors tightly shut, won’t even keep dust mites out. In fact, sealing of the house can actually make your dust mite problem worse as their presence is more strongly felt in enclosed places. Yet, there is a bright side: something can be done to fight the mites. For people who have dust mites or think they may have them, the recommendations are to clean as often as possible. This includes washing blankets and comforters in very hot water, and having your mattress professionally cleaned a few times a year (or more often if allergies persist). Cleaning your mattress, in particular, will rid your bed of any existing mites and deter reproduction. Miracle Steam’s trained and thorough technicians can help make your mattress a place of restful bliss, rather than disease. When it comes to mattress cleaning, Irving residents can sleep soundly knowing that Miracle Steam is on the job. Turn to Miracle Steam Irving mattress cleaning to get the job done right. Schedule online and receive a 10% discount.

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