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Leather Upholstery Cleaning in Atlanta

Mr. Steam Atlanta Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is pleased to offer a comprehensive leather cleaning & conditioning service for your leather furniture. Mr. Steam uses only the finest techniques designed to clean and restore your leather furniture to its most beautiful condition, because we understand that you want to keep your leather furnishings looking just as new as the day you bought them.

Our Process:

The first priority of leather cleaning is to remove soil and staining, but it is essential to also replenish oils in order to restore the original vibrant color to leather upholstery. Once your leather has been carefully cleaned and the color restored, Mr. Steam technicians will apply a conditioning cream that will protect your leather from wear and tear, spills and will even further enhance the look and feel of your leather furnishings.

Our leather upholstery cleaning process depends on the type of leather you have. There are two main types of leather upholstery: unfinished (this type of leather will appear to have a matte or natural surface) and finished (this type of leather will appear to have medium to high level shine to it).

Finished Leather Cleaning

Most leather furniture we clean and restore is finished or semi-finished, and it has a gloss or semi-gloss shine level. Finished leather is the more practical leather upholstery as it is more durable and less vulnerable to staining and discoloration than unfinished leather surfaces. If cared for properly, your finished leather furnishings can be enjoyed for many years.

When finished leather is not cleaned and maintained regularly, however, soiling and dryness will potentially destroy the look and feel of your leather furnishings. Even in your home, atmospheric pollutants from everyday activities such as cooking and enjoying a movie on your leather sofa can eventually lead to soiling, discoloration and even permanent cracking damage.

Natural body oils, smoke and other pollutants cover your leather furniture and oxidize leather surfaces. It is the oxidation process that causes natural oils in leather upholstery to evaporate, and the resulting dry leather then becomes susceptible to the deepening of organic creases as very fine dust particles settle into the creases and lead may lead to cracks and splits. It is the this overall dehydration process that cause most dry and cracked leather.

Another problem with leather upholstery that that is not regularly cleaned is fading. The combination of direct sunlight or bright lights and uncleaned soiled leather surfaces will start to dissolve the finishing dyes on your leather furniture and leads to the fading of your leather’s original color.

Unfinished Leather Cleaning (Aniline, Nu Buck, Suede etc.)

Unfinished leather is very soft, elegant and natural looking. Unfortunately, the raw beauty that you find in unfinished leather upholstery has a major drawback in that this type of leather is especially vulnerable to soiling and discoloration.

Unfinished leather upholstery surfaces need more leather cleaning, restoration, and especially protection than other types of leather since its “unfinished” surface mimics the work of a sponge. This leather upholstery will absorb any moisture in the air (including oils), and this will cause additional soiling due to solid particles that are often suspended in air vapors.

In order to effectively clean, protect and maintain the raw beauty of your unfinished leather furnishing, call on Mr. Steam’s expertise. We know which types of unfinished leather can only be hand cleaned by carefully adding in natural moisture to saturate the surface and prevent the absorption of harmful pollutants. We also are able to determine the types of unfinished leather which can only be maintained through a completely dry-cleaning process.

While the methods which can be used to clean unfinished leather are more restrictive than those for finished leather and, as a result, don’t always produce the stunning result of our finished leather leaning service, Mr. Steam is confident that you will be just as thrilled with our unfinished leather cleaning service as all of our previous clients have been. We will always do the very best leather cleaning job possible for this delicate and absorbent material.

In order to maintain both the cleanliness and elegance of your unfinished leather upholstery, we offer a protecting and conditioning treatment. This treatment will keep your unfinished leather surfaces from absorbing so much moisture and particulates in the air, acting as a barrier to unwanted soiling, discoloration, oxidation and dehydration. There is a risk of slight darkening upon application of our leather upholstery protector and conditioner, but your technician will be happy to test a sample for you before application to ensure you are happy with the results.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

1. How often do I need to have my leather furnishings and surfaces cleaned and conditioned?
The answer to this question depends on two main factors: where the piece is located and how often it is used. Leather upholstery cleaning is recommended about once a year for pieces which are used daily but not in direct sunlight. However, if your leather furnishings are in direct sunlight and get use on a daily basis, our leather cleaning services is recommended every three to six months to maintain the best color and condition.

2. How can you clean water-intolerant leather furniture?
For unfinished leather upholstery such as suede or nu buck, Mr. Steam takes special precautions to ensure no damage is done, as unwanted moisture can destroy the look and feel of some types of unfinished leather surfaces. Mr. Steam has a 100% dry leather cleaning method that you can trust for your most delicate leather furniture.

Additional Info on Mr. Steam’s leather cleaning process

We will never use harsh chemical to clean your leather leaving it dry and stripped of its natural essential oils. Rather we will use a method that is customized for your type of leather and level of soil and/or damage to determine the right method for you. Most leather surfaces can be cleaned with a wet solution-based process where soil is literally “brushed” out with our special leather cleaning brushes. However, we also have a 100% dry-cleaning process for the most delicate and absorbent materials such as suede. Keep in mind that only an expert knows which method is best, and only at Mr. Steam will you find the most conscientious technicians in the business.