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Banish clogs for good—without calling a pro

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Here’s how to outsmart a stopped up or slowly draining kitchen sink and banish clogs for good—without calling a pro.

Clogged Kitchen Sink? 5 Steps to a Fresh Drain

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Q: Last night my kitchen sink clogged up while I was in the middle of a load of dirty dishes. By morning, the sink had finally drained, but I certainly don’t want this happening again. Is it a situation I can tackle this myself, or do I need to call a plumber?

A: While a clogged kitchen sink is annoying, most folks can clear up this common problem without a plumber or caustic chemicals. Often, a buildup of food scraps and grunge is to blame for the obstruction. Fat and grease, fibrous foods like celery, starchy stuff such as pasta and potatoes, and even bones can wind up in your kitchen sink accidentally. Although certain food refuse can safely be ground up by a garbage disposal, stubborn scraps and gross goo can eventually stop up a hard-working kitchen sink, so follow this guide to get the drain running again.

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Check the garbage disposal.

A clogged kitchen sink with a built-in garbage dipsosal may just have food scraps from last night’s dinner that the unit failed to grind up, in which case running the appliance again could fix the problem. Turn on the tap and switch on the disposal.

If nothing happens when you flip the switch, the disposal’s internal circuit breaker may have tripped due to the clog overloading the motor. Look underneath the unit for a small red button, push it to reset the circuit breaker, and try running the unit again.

If the disposal hums but the blades don’t spin, something is likely jammed in the works. Remove as much standing water as possible into a bucket or bowl and then unplug the garbage disposal (the electrical cord and outlet will be underneath the sink). Shine a flashlight into the disposal and, if you spy an obvious culprit, such as a chicken bone or spoon, use a pair of tongs or plyers to remove it. (Never stick your fingers inside a garbage disposal; those blades are sharp!) Plug the disposal back in, and give it a try.

Problem solved? Great! If not, continue to the following steps.

Try boiling water.

Sometimes, you can melt a partial grease clog using boiling water. Fill a pot or teakettle with water and bring it to a boil. Then carefully pour it directly into the drain. If the water drains easily, you’ve cleared the clog and you can move on to the kitchen sink maintenance tips, below. If not, try the next step once the water has cooled down.

Clogged Kitchen Sink? How to Plunge the Drain Correctly

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Pick up a plunger.

Plunging will often force a clog down and out of your sink drain. First, if you have a double sink, block the unclogged side with the stopper or a wet rag. For a good seal with the right plunger, you’ll need at least three or four inches of water on the clogged side, so if necessary, run the sink until the water reaches that level. Now, cover the clogged kitchen sink drain with the plunger and vigorously pump up and down for 30 seconds or so. Stop and see if the water easily swirls away, indicating that you’ve cleared the drain. If not, plunge for another 30 seconds. If the clog is still present, try another tactic.

Check the trap.

If the above steps fall short, or you have a double sink with both sides stopped up, there’s a good chance that the clog is located in the trap—the U-shaped portion of your sink’s drainage pipe. Gather a bucket to catch water and a wrench, if necessary, to loosen the fasteners holding the trap in place. Place the bucket underneath the trap, loosen the fasteners with your fingers or wrench, and then remove the trap. Inspect it for blockages, using a coat hanger or similar tool to push the offending mass out of the pipe. Rinse the trap clean in a different sink or with a garden hose, and then replace it in its proper position. Run the faucet and see if the water drains normally. If the clog persists, or there wasn’t any blockage in the trap, continue to the next step.

Send in the snake.

A clog may be lodged even further down than the trap—a job for a drain snake. Also called a sink or plumber’s auger, and available at just about any home improvement center for less than $25, this useful tool cranks by hand, sending a thin “snake” of wire into the plumbing to push through blockages.

Before snaking a drain, place a bucket below the trap to catch water and remove the trap. Then loosen the drain snake’s setscrew and pull out several inches of cable. Feed the cable into the waste line–that’s the part of the pipe that carries waste water away from your home–and then crank the snake clockwise to push the auger deeper into the pipe. If you feel obstructions, slightly pull back, and then continue to crank the snake forward. You’ll know you’ve hit a clog if you first feel resistance, but then feel the snake break through the blockage and become easier to crank forward.

Start to withdraw the snake by cranking its handle counterclockwise. Wipe the gunk off the snake with a rag or paper towels as you pull it out of the pipe. Now, insert the snake into the pipe again and crank it forward. Repeat as many times as necessary until you no longer encounter any resistance.

Reassemble the sink’s trap and turn on the water. If your sink still doesn’t drain, the problem could be further down the plumbing than you can reach with a snake, or caused by a more serious blockage, such as tree roots breaking into the pipes, and the time has come to call a plumber.

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Keep your kitchen sink draining properly.

Clogged Kitchen Sink? 5 Steps to a Fresh Drain

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Once you’ve unclogged your drain, keep it open by following these guidelines.

  • Leave water running the entire time the garbage disposal is in use, and for several seconds afterward, to thoroughly flush food scraps down the drain.
  • Only feed half a cup of scraps into the garbage disposal at a time to avoid overloading its motor. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, toss food scraps into the trash or your compost pile.
  • Once a week or so, dissolve buildup inside the pipes by pouring a half-cup of baking soda into the drain and then topping it with half a cup of white vinegar. The baking soda helps absorb odors, the mild acid of the vinegar helps dissolve buildup, and the foaming action of the two combined lifts away food particles and other slimy grunge. Once the foaming stops, flush the drain with hot water to further reduce buildup.
  • Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, the following items should go into your trash or compost pile, never into your kitchen drain:
    1. Coffee grounds, which tend to clump and eventually build up inside the pipes.
    2. Cooking fat or grease, which coat the inside of the drain and narrow the passageway.
    3. Starches such as rice, pasta, or potatoes in quantities more than a quarter-cup or so, which turn into a swollen, sticky mess inside the pipes.
    4. Stringy, fibrous foods such as celery, which can entangle garbage disposal blades.
    5. Bones, fruit pits, and eggshells, which are hard on a garbage disposal’s blades and don’t easily flush down the sink’s drainpipe.
    6. Any nonfood items, including paper, cigarette butts, paint, motor oil, hair, and kitty litter, none of which travel easily through plumbing lines.

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The biggest mistake people make with their carpet is failing to have a regular routine of maintenance

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Carpets are still the most popular floor covering in homes today. As a result, carpet manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars on research and development, searching for ways to make their product better and stronger. They want longer lasting, better looking carpets that are more stain resistant, while maintaining an overall feeling of comfort, beauty and elegance.

Carpet cleaning in Irving is only one step in a process to maintain great looking carpets. The biggest mistake people make with their carpet is failing to have a regular routine of maintenance to keep their carpet cleaner. Following a few proven tips will guarantee cleaner carpets that look good and last much longer. This will absolutely save you thousands of dollars, prolonging the need to replace your carpets sooner than necessary.

Areas in your home that will show carpet damage the soonest are places where you gather most often, such as in front of a popular couch or chair with a direct path to the TV. Kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are also high traffic areas. Foyers and stairs always tend to show a lot of foot traffic as well. Bedrooms and other rooms not used as frequently will maintain their beauty for a considerably longer period of time. In real estate the Buzz words are “location, location and location”. For carpet cleaners it’s “vacuum, vacuum and vacuum”. There is no more valuable tip to follow, that will have more benefit to maintain amazing carpets, than frequent vacuuming.

In carpeted areas that don’t receive much use you can get away with vacuuming once a week, but areas that are used regularly need to be vacuumed every day or every other day without fail. This may sound drastic and you may feel it is unnecessary, but try to imagine the irreversible damage caused by sand and grit buried in your carpets.

If you’ve ever seen a home with those ugly pathways in their carpets, or black, matted areas of carpet in front of a favorite chair, then you’ve seen a small example of the damage caused from dirt left in the carpet. Unfortunately, once you can see the damage it is too late to make your carpet look new again. You can clean these areas and they will look better, but there is already a certain amount of permanent damage that will never go away.

Don’t cheap out on the type of vacuum you use. Make sure it cleans effectively, and it will pay you back many times over. Placing small walk off mats strategically throughout your home on the carpeted areas frequently used is another great way to protect your carpet, maintain the beauty and keep your carpet cleaner. They can be decorative to provide some contrast, and if they are light enough you can wash them in your machine.

Also removing your shoes at the front door will save an enormous amount of wear and tear to the carpets. Another common practice to protect the carpet and keep their luxurious appearance is to rearrange your furniture. By changing the walking patterns in a room as well as the sitting areas, you automatically reduce the foot traffic to any one area. This is a simple way to prolong the life of your carpets and keep them beautiful.

Occasions where accidents occur happen in every home, no matter how careful you are. Even more so in homes with kids and pets. Small little drips on the carpet, a drink spill, or even food stains will occur, and being prepared is your best course of action. Having spot cleaning supplies for your carpet is essential. The quicker you remove marks from a carpet or furniture after an accident will determine the likelihood of your success. The longer a stain stays in your carpet the harder it is to remove. Occasional spot cleaning is necessary to maintain great looking rugs.

With pollution coming in from outside, cooking grease settling on your carpets, and everyday dirt, it is necessary to develop a pattern of washing your carpets. Every 12 to 18 months is recommended, and even more frequently in busy homes. Regular carpet cleaning in Irving Texas, either with steam cleaning or dry foam extraction, will maintain a clean, soft luxurious feel in your carpet. They will look amazing, feel amazing, and more importantly last much longer than homes without these routines.

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Everyone who has a pet and a carpet knows just how difficult pet odor removal can be

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Everyone who has a pet and a carpet knows just how difficult pet odor removal in Irving Texas can be. While your pets may have litter boxes or are taken out regularly for them to do their “thing” outdoors, there are times when your pets do soil your carpets, particularly when they are young and still undergoing toilet training. This problem of pet odor is not that easy to handle on your own, which is why professionals should be called in to do the job.

When a pet defecates or pees on one spot of your carpet, it is likely for them to continuously return to that spot to do their “thing” over and over again. They can also choose to be magnanimous and spread their discharge in a few different spots. If you can catch them doing this early on, you might be able to stop them from creating a habit out of such behavior. Remember, if a spot smells of animal urine or feces, they usually think that it is an okay spot for them to discharge on.

In order for you to stop your pets from stinking up your carpet altogether, it is best you do toilet train them from the very start. Once they realize that your carpet is not grass that they can defecate or pee on anytime they want, they will learn not to mess up your carpet again. For you to effectively toilet train your pets however, you need to keep your carpets clean and free from pet odors. To do this, you might want to get a professional to thoroughly remove any remaining pet odors that may have seeped through your carpet the first few times your pet decided to make your carpet its bathroom.

Aside from the odor, you can also expect to see stains on your carpet where your pet peed or pooped. This can be somewhat of a blessing since you can easily locate where your pets soiled your carpets due to the discoloration. While the removal of stains and the removal of pet odor from carpets usually involve different removal methods, most carpet cleaning services that are experts in this field can easily do both. As long as they can easily locate the areas that have these stains and odors, you can be sure they can get your carpet cleaned and odor free as soon as possible.

Some people believe that they can actually do this task themselves. If the odor problem is new, then the removal of pet odors in Irving can indeed be a DIY task. You can try to neutralize any pet odor that you find early on with the use of a few home-made remedies, which include baking soda, lemon juice and water mixed together to form a deodorizing agent. This must be used on the spot the very moment your pet soils such an area. If the pet odor has been around for longer though, you might want to get a professional cleaner to do this for you.

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The following questions and answers will help you to have a better understanding of upholstery cleaning

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Instead of disposing of old, weathered furniture, upholstery cleaning can restore your household items to like-new condition. Whether for general health reasons or appearance, many homeowners choose to regularly clean their upholstery. The following questions and answers will help you to have a better understanding of upholstery cleaning.

Why Clean your Upholstery in Irving Texas?

There are many great reasons to regularly clean your upholstery. First of all, furniture can be a sizeable investment and cleaning upholstery helps to maintain your furniture in the best possible condition. Also, you likely want to clean your furniture simply so it looks great. Nobody wants to sit in a dingy, dirty old chair. Nevertheless, these are just side benefits of regular cleaning; in fact, the most important reason to clean your upholstery is air quality. Dirty upholstery harbours dust, allergens, and microorganisms. A regular cleaning schedule helps to keep dust and allergens out of the air in your home thereby preventing reactions and breathing problems.

When to Clean Upholstery?

While some homeowners may never clean their upholstery, others clean it several times a year. Both schedules are extremes, but if you want to keep your furniture in excellent condition you should aim to clean your upholstery at least every two years. Annual cleanings ensure the best air quality in your home, but bi-annual cleaning is sufficient.

What are the Risks of Not Cleaning?

Many homeowners are unaware that not cleaning your upholstery can actually be associated with a variety of health risks to you and your family. Breathing problems, allergies, and even eczema have been associated with dirty upholstery. In fact, upholstery can be an ideal environment for bacteria or mould which are both associated with health issues.

However, health risks are not the only reasons for concern. Bed bugs, which can cause health issues but are also a terrible nuisance, can live in furniture and can spread by attaching to clothing when you sit. Proper upholstery cleaning can actually destroy bed bugs and prevent infestation of other parts of your home.

Can I Clean my own Upholstery?

There are certainly upholstery cleaners available for rent at your local hardware store or supermarket, but it is generally recommended that you hire a professional upholstery cleaner. Not only do professionals have the necessary equipment and cleaners, they have the know-how to thoroughly clean your upholstery without causing damage. Professional upholstery cleaners are also familiar with the best methods for cleaning different fabrics and will provide the best cleaning possible. Of course, cleaning yourself is often a less expensive route; professionals are more likely to clean even the depths of your upholstery. Moreover, these experts can provide comprehensive cleaning services that not only include your upholstery but carpeting, drapes and window dressings, bedding, and more.

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There are several misconceptions about carpet cleaning

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There are several misconceptions about carpet cleaning in Irving TX that have remained over the years, despite the advancement of modern technology. Here we list some of the popular myths with the reasons why they are not applicable today.

Myth 1 “Wait as long as possible before cleaning a carpet because the more you clean it, the quicker it gets dirty”

Not true because dirt is abrasive so every time you step on the carpet, dirt is ground into the carpet fibres, damaging the carpet. A dirty carpet will need replacing before a clean carpet will. Vacuuming alone will not keep a carpet free from grease and fine grains that contribute to wearing out the carpet.

Myth 2 “You only need to clean a carpet when it looks dirty”

Not really – you would wash clothes once they’ve been worn, even if they look clean. The same applies to carpets – air contains pollens, fungi, bacteria and air pollution such as cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes and hundreds of other chemicals. Your hair, skin, clothing and shoes can transport these from outdoors to end up in your carpet.

Allergies and breathing difficulties can be exacerbated by pollens, fungi and chemicals in your carpet.

Myth 3 “All cleaning methods have the same result”

There are two primary methods, dry cleaning or hot water extraction.

(a) dry cleaning (this is not like dry cleaning clothing because all carpet cleaning methods use water in one form or another, whether dry-foam, dry-chemical or dry compound methods are employed).

With dry foam, your carpet is shampooed and allowed to dry, followed by a vacuuming to remove the foam and any adhered dirt. This old-fashioned method is least effective and can leave a soil-attracting residue in the carpet.

The dry chemical method is similar to dry foam but a rotary machine is fitted with a cloth to rub the carpet and absorb the dirt. It is the equivalent of someone using a spot cleaner and towel but on a larger scale. This method also fails to achieve a deep clean and can also damage carpet fibres.

These dry-cleaning methods can be adequate for maintaining lightly soiled carpets.

The dry compound method spreads an absorbent compound over the carpet, which is then brushed into the carpet fibres by machine to absorb dirt into the mixture. When dry, a vacuum is used to remove the compound, much like the dry foam method but far more effective at removing dirt and residues. This is known as the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner System which is recommended by over 70 carpet mills and is the most popular carpet dry-cleaning method in Europe.

(b) hot water extraction (or ‘steam cleaning’ although this description is inaccurate).

A hot water cleaning solution is high-pressured into then extracted from the carpet fibres by a powerful machine. Its deep cleaning action fully penetrates every fibre, extracting almost all the moisture pumped into the carpet, together with soil and residues, for the most effective clean.

The world’s largest carpet manufacturer recommends hot water extraction. Hot water will not damage the carpet – that’s another myth! Washing and rinsing carpets with hot water is the most effective way of cleaning – as with bathing, laundry or washing the dishes.

Myth 4 “Anyone with the right equipment can do the job”

Of course this is not the case. Training and experience are also important. Many cleaning companies own hot-water cleaners but some employees have little or no training and even some owner-operators don’t know how to use them properly. For this reason, it is important to choose a carpet cleaning service wisely.

Check that the company and on-site operators have been fully trained and certified by the Prochem Training School or the National Carpet Cleaners Association. The NCCA provides written credentials to companies it certifies therefore you can request proof or check the membership directory on the NCCA.co.uk web site.

Myth 5 “The lowest price must be the best value”

There are two important points to consider: that the quotes are for the exact same service and that an advertised price is the actual price you will be charged.

(a) comparative quotes are for identical services.

As you are reading this, you are clearly doing your research. Before you invite a company to quote, decide what you do and don’t need to achieve.

For example, if you want a quick surface clean, there are many companies that offer shampoos or similar cleaning methods – or you can hire a machine to do the job yourself.

However, if you want your carpet thoroughly deep-cleaned to remove dirt, bacteria, pollen, chemicals and other residues, the cleaning company should, ideally, provide a quotation for using a professional hot water extraction system – the best way to keep your carpet free from dirt and abrasive chemicals.

(b) ensure that the price you see advertised is for the services you want.

Home-owners have sometimes found themselves the victims of misleading advertising, that the amount they are charged is higher than the price in the advertisement or leaflet. Some carpet cleaners offer a low price, perhaps £9.99 per room, to give them an opportunity to pressure a potential customer into paying more once they are in your home.

Myth 6 “An honest company can quote over the ‘phone”

As with most services, an estimate can be given ‘site unseen’ but each job is likely to have different requirements so – should an honest company be pressured into quoting for the shortest anticipated service or cover themselves for unforeseen difficulties?

Reputable carpet cleaning companies often price a job by the square footage of carpet on the basis that this will determine the amount of consumables and time to be spent. If a potential customer can provide the exact number of square feet to be cleaned, it may be possible to get a quote over the ‘phone, subject to confirmation when the professional cleaner arrives on site.

Other factors that need to be considered are:

(a) the type of carpet. Certain types of carpets take longer to clean than others.

(b) the amount of soiling. Carpets with years of accumulated dirt will take longer to clean than carpets cleaned every few months. Also, any stains that may require special attention need to be taken into account.

(c) the amount of furniture that has to be moved.

Unfortunately, there are a number of cleaners who are inexperienced or do not take pride in their work. Remember to use an accredited cleaning company.

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People sometimes forget about their carpets unless they look dirty

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Carpet Cleaning in Irving TX is an essential part of keeping your home clean. Not only does it prolong the life of your carpets helping them to last longer, but carpet cleaning needs to be carried out in order to contribute towards optimum health for you and your family. Ideally you need to be helping yourself by having your carpets cleaned professionally by a carpet cleaner at least once or twice a year. Carpet cleaning is not a luxury but an essential. Read on to understand what I mean by this.

People sometimes forget about their carpets unless they look dirty or they have spilt something upon them. However, it cannot be emphasised enough how important it is to look after your carpets and soft furnishings.

Carpets can hold odours, germs, dirt, pet hairs, crumbs, food deposits, grit, (grit wears the carpet away) pollen, mould, dust, even fleas or fleas eggs. Can you imagine the germs and bacteria in your carpets if all these things are left in your carpet to aggravate or cause allergies in anybody living in your home. This many include children, partners or even yourself.

By using professional carpet cleaners, you are doing the best for you, your family, and your carpets.

Most of the time we walk upon our carpets not even considering how dirty they are. We eat tv dinners, drink, sit on the floor, rub our bare feet on the carpet, our pets walk in from outside with muddy sticky feet, pushchairs etc etc. So as you can see our carpets area breeding ground for germs. In a way we are neglectful of them because carpet cleaning is not something we usually think about unless they look dirty. You may think that by vacuuming your carpets daily it will keep them clean but this is not the case.

By vacuuming your carpet you will only be removing the surface dirt. Therefore all germs, dirt and bacteria will be remaining in your carpet.

Of course these days you can hire carpet cleaning machines from your local High Street but there are many negative things to say about this. For a start, you are only supplied with a basic cleaning solution and as a result of this, there is no conditioner, colour brightener or stain removal product. There are also more chance of you shrinking your carpet doing it yourself due to lack of knowledge. Sometimes the colour may run in your carpet. Furthermore, it has been known that people have injured themselves damaging backs. So as you can see carpet cleaning is not easy work and really needs to be left to the professionals in order to ensure a thorough deep down optimum clean.

By using professional carpet cleaners, the industrial machines and the cleaning agent used will penetrate the surface of the carpets breaking down the dirt with a powerful anti bacterial solution, conditioning, deodorising and restoring the colours. Once your carpets have been cleaned you can rest assure they will be left in pristine condition providing you have chosen to have your carpets cleaned by a professional experienced company.

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5 types of carpet cleaning methods you should know about

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Carpet cleaning methods are not all the same. In fact, there are many different ways to clean various types of carpet. What many people do not understand is that carpet fibers are not all made the same, so certain types of carpet will require a different type of cleaning method. Certain cleansers may also be harmful for some carpet fibers while they work wonders for other types. It is important to complete preliminary research before having just any carpet cleaning company come to a home and clean the carpet with whatever method they feel like using without regard to what is best for the carpet.

Having a carpet professionally cleaned is by far the best way to clean it. However, if the cleaning method utilized is detrimental to the lifespan of the carpet, then it basically serves no purpose. This type of mistake can cost you a lot of money and maybe might even require you to replace your own carpet.

To keep informed, it is probably a good idea to learn about a few of the different carpet cleaning methods and how they work. Here are a few different carpet cleaning methods:

Carpet shampooing in Irving TX


1. Shampooing a Carpet – Typically this seems to be the least effective method on any carpet. What occurs during a carpet shampooing is that formulated detergents are applied directly to the carpet and then the professional carpet cleaners will use a machine that agitates the cleanser. Then they will use a vacuum to extract the cleanser and make the carpet look very clean. The detergents used are formulated to make the carpet seem bright and smell nice. However, it does little more any caked on dirt deep down in the pad of the carpet. So if the main purpose of a carpet cleaning for a home is to make it look nice, maybe for a special occasion where a lot of people will be walking around so the carpet will need to be cleaned again anyway, shampooing can be the right choice. However, for health and wellness reasons, it is typically not the top choice.

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning – Most people recommend the dry cleaning method over any other. It is certainly helpful since there is little to no down time since the carpet will not need to dry for a long period of time as is necessary with other methods. Most of the time, using a special cleaning powder completes the process. It is sprinkled all over the carpet and it will automatically start attracting dirt. After it has stayed on the carpet an appropriate amount of time to absorb, it is then sucked up by a vacuum, leaving the carpet almost as good as new. A few carpet cleaning companies have made modifications to this method with different cleansers, such as an oxygenated cleanser. This method works well too, because although it may make the carpet wet just briefly, the oxygenated bubbles help lift dirt out of the base of the carpet, allowing it to be cleaned up even more effectively.

3. Foam Carpet Cleaning – This method is also very useful. It basically takes a little bit of the shampoo method and then combines it with the dry cleaning method. A cleansing foam and a small amount of water are applied to the carpet. The cleansing foam is also designed to attract dirt dust and harmful fibers like the powder in a dry cleaning method does. It works its way through the carpet and then the foam, along with all the dirt and dust particles it has collected are extracted from the carpet. This method works best of tougher carpet due to the nature of the foam as well as the vacuum.

4. Steam Carpet Cleaning – Steam carpet cleaning is probably one of the most well known cleaning methods and is also used often. It does have its disadvantages though because it uses an awful lot of water. When the water soaks deep down into the pad of the carpet, it can damage it so severely that the carpet may need to be replaced. However, if steam cleaning is done properly, and not too frequently, it can be effective. It is also known as “Hot water extraction” and basically it works by having a very powerful machine put a hot water and cleanser solution deep down into the carpet. Then the machine will extract the cleanser with a powerful suction. All of this will most likely get the most dirt out of the carpet, however, it may cause the carpet damage over time. It also means the carpet will be wet for a while, so do not use this method as a quick fix, since there is nothing quick about it.

5. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning – This method is mostly used for commercial buildings due to the amount of carpet inside of them. It is not meant to be incredibly effective, since commercial buildings experience so much traffic anyway. Basically this method will keep the carpets looking fresh and clean, even though some dirt and dust may still be lurking under the surface. A chemical detergent is applied to the carpet and then a rotary machine is equipped with an absorbent pad and then worked across the carpet.

So it is clear that not all carpet cleaning methods are the same. Now that the different methods are clearly outlined, it’s time to figure out which one will work best in your own home. Choose wisely, as different methods will affect different types of carpet in various ways.

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How much time should you allot for carpet cleaning

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The short answer for how long does carpet cleaning take is: anywhere between 5 minutes and 3 days. Depending on the size of the area cleaned, its condition and stuff standing in the way of the cleaner (desks and chairs for example). In addition, there is time needed for the carpets to dry which should be added to the service time.

Now here’s the long answer

There are several factors that can influence how long the Carpet Cleaning In Florence Hill TX will take to complete, as well as the length of time it will take for the carpet to dry afterwards.

Size of area to be cleaned – the rule of thumb regarding carpet cleaning is usually 20 minutes per room for small rooms (bedrooms, hallways), and 30 minutes per room for large rooms (master bedrooms, living rooms, etc.). However, this is only a rule of thumb and not something you can depend upon. If the carpet is heavily soiled, stained, or just hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, several runs will be needed on the same areas, adding more time to the carpet cleaning. In addition, every run of the carpet cleaning wand adds more time to the drying time.

The condition of the carpets – as mentioned above, heavy soiling, lots of grease or just some hard to remove stains can add a lot of time to carpet cleaning. Basically, a more soiled carpet will require a more thorough approach, including pre-spray and maybe even agitation with a special machine. This can add on another 10-20 minutes per room, not including set up time which may be a few more minutes.

What the carpet is made of – Natural fibers take longer to dry than synthetic fibers, and also require a different treatment. Natural fibers are more delicate. In addition, they don’t repel stains and grease like most synthetic fibers do. In general, natural fibers like wool would require a more strict maintenance routine and more frequent cleaning to keep them looking their best.

Additional solutions applied – Depending on the condition of your carpets and your requirements, there may be additional steps to carpet cleaning – pre-spray before the cleaning, or application of protector after the carpet cleaning is done. Each of these steps applies more fluid to the carpet, and creates more moisture that needs to dry. These steps can add as much as half an hour to the carpet cleaning, and can lengthen the drying time by two hours or more.

Weather conditions – Carpet cleaning time isn’t affected much by the weather conditions (though bad weather can affect the set up time, making it harder to get everything ready for the cleaning). However, drying time is affected vastly by weather conditions. The carpet cleaning is done inside. When the weather cold, rainy, or even very humid, there is no option to air out a room and let fresh air inside. Good ventilation helps carpet dry more quickly, so bad ventilation can greatly increase drying time, Drying times can even double if the house is very cold with little or no air movement.

Air movement – carpet in a well aired room with several windows, or even a ceiling fan would be able to dry faster than in a closed room with no air flow. Sometimes during winter, if your carpet cleaner can allow it, he will lay out a few drying fans to shorten the drying time of the carpets. Not all carpet cleaners do this, so if this is important to you ask about it before you schedule your appointment. This can greatly reduce drying time if the weather requires the house to stay shut (and there is no air ventilation system available – an HVAC unit you can turn on or a fan that will air the rooms).
How long will it take to clean my carpets?

We suggest you clear 1.5-2 hours for the cleaning appointment, and 6-8 hours for drying time of the carpets (but can go up to as much as 24 hours depending on the conditions). If you have the option, choose warmer weather for your carpet cleaning appointment.

Even if the cleaning appointment will take a lot of time, it is well worth your time. All the odors removed, the looks of the carpets renewed again, and the whole fresh feeling of the home.

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Some reasons to have your carpets cleaned

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Carpets will be one of the most expensive items to purchase when furnishing your home, business or office. So naturally you will have to preserve the quality of your carpets to ensure their life expectancy. Carpets act as the first defense against dust, grit and soil and while vacuuming on a regular basis will alleviate some of these problems. There is no substitute for professional cleaning, which will remove the deeper soils and maintain the freshness of your carpet. By having your carpets cleaned professionally you will ensure a far greater level of hygiene than normal vacuuming. Carpets naturally soak up airborne dust allergies, which settle deep among the fibers of the carpet but these allergies can be easily prevented with professional cleaning. Having your carpets cleaned by professionals will extend their life expectancy and ensure they retain their freshness. By not cleaning properly you will reduce their life expectancy and risk having to replace them with new carpets in the future.

Carpet manufacturers design their products to disguise dirt and what might appear to be a clean carpet in Clemson SC will often be laden with dirt. Sand and grit can cause considerable damage to your carpet if they are left unattended. By hiring professional cleaners you can ensure the invisible deeper soils are thoroughly removed and disposed of safely. The benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned is to ensure your investment appears as fresh and bright as when you first laid them. Steam cleaning is highly recommended by cleaning industry because it will provide your carpet with a much deeper clean. Regular vacuuming might work on the surface but only steam cleaning can remove the deepest dirt from the carpet. Steam cleaning is far superior to shampoo cleaning because the process ensures there is no chemical residue left behind. Professional cleaners are also able to help assess your carpet and take proper care of your investment. Another welcome aspect of steam cleaning is that any undesirable stains will be removed and are less likely to remain as a dirty residue. The removal of sticky residues is very important because otherwise they attract dust that will give your carpet an unattractive appearance.

Studies also show that there are many health benefits of carpet cleaning. Having clean carpets can prevent young children and adults with asthma, eczema and other allegories suffering from excessive dust, germs or pet hair. As health concerns grow it becomes increasingly important for carpets to be maintained to ensure their wellbeing and appearance. When properly maintained, a carpet can improve your health, air quality and act as a filter absorbing soil, debris, and other contaminants such as hair and sand. Routine carpet cleaning should be considered part of a healthy lifestyle. By having your carpets steam cleaned and deodorized, this will keep outdoor contaminants such as dirt, sand and other pollutants from under control throughout the year. Some of the other benefits of extracting pollutants from carpets include reducing health problems such as cancers and other respiratory illnesses. The absence of dust particles in your carpet is almost certainly beneficial to your lungs, and this will subsequently improve the lives of young children or anyone with asthma or dust allergies.

Any home with young children will enjoy the benefit of having steam cleaned carpets because a fresh voluminous carpet will minimize cuts and injuries from accidental falls. If you receive a professional clean then the natural freshness of the carpet will ensure a cushioning surface for young children. Even if your home or office does not have any young children, everyone instinctively notices the difference between a dirty carpet and a clean surface maintained by professionals. Cleaning your carpet on your own requires time, money and effort. By allowing professionals the opportunity to clean your carpets from germs, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time and effort. Some of the added benefits from people who hire professional cleaners are that any heavy lifting will be carried out by the respective organization, saving you the initial trouble, and they should also lay down protective padding underneath the furniture to help protect your carpet while it dries.

Another financial benefit of getting your carpets cleaned by professionals is that if you rent a flat then getting your carpets cleaned can save you serious money in the long term. Anyone renting for a considerable period of time will have paid out at least one month’s rent to ensure their tenancy. By allowing your carpets to deteriorate will present an unforgiving landlord the ideal opportunity to claim all or some of your deposit for cleaning expenses. By having your carpets professionally cleaned before the end of tenancy will be far most cost effective and reassuring in the long term. If you own a property then you can save money with professional cleaning than replacing carpets with nasty stains. With children and pets running amok on carpet areas, the popular traffic areas are inevitably going to get damaged through excessive use, spillages, dirt and exposure to sunlight. Having your carpets cleaned every 6 months can make enormous difference to your lifestyle, health and long-term finances.

Buying a new carpet is a considerable investment for any household or business. By having your carpets cleaned professionally you will ensure outstanding cosmetic, health and financial benefits, which cannot be obtained through regular vacuuming. Professional cleaning offers enormous benefits and will ultimately preserve the quality of your carpet for years to come.

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Top 5 carpet cleaning myths

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As a carpet cleaning professional I consistently stumble upon a variety of mistaken beliefs. Right here are 5 that I listen to most frequently.

1. The primary purpose for carpet cleaning in Euless TX is spot removal.

Many people believe the primary purpose for carpet cleaning is to obtain spot removal. I see this when I walk into a house as well as the home owner rapidly starts to point out places on her carpeting. This is clearly her primary issue. That’s understandable because we want to have a house that looks tidy and that is among the important things about employing a carpet cleaner. Nevertheless, carpet cleaning is far more than spot removal. It is a vital part of keeping the health of your carpeting in addition to extending its life. Regular cleaning is recommended by almost every rug supplier. Without normal cleaning carpets break much quicker. As a matter of fact, oftentimes the life of the carpet can be cut in half or even more without normal cleaning.

2. The carpet equipment that you rent at the store are a feasible alternative to expert carpet cleaning in Euless TX.

This is a professional carpet cleaner.

The rug machines that you rent do add to clean carpeting. Nonetheless, there is no chance to obtain adequate power into a tiny portable unit like that to do a detailed job of cleaning your carpet. If that were possible, every carpet cleaner on earth would make use of one. Take it from me, if I could avoid dragging hoses in and out of every house and also having to buy $20-$40,000 worth of equipment, I would certainly in a heartbeat. The fact is there just is no other way to obtain enough water stress, warmth, and also vacuum power from a small mobile unit. This is why nearly every major rug supplier recommends not simply “heavy steam cleaning”, yet “truck-mounted vapor cleaning”. In short, that means the suppliers understand the need for the power a truck-mounted system supplies.

3. If the carpet looks clean it doesn’t require to be vacuumed.

Vacuuming has numerous purposes, not just for look of the carpet. Every day our residences are assaulted with any kind of variety of penalty or perhaps microscopic fragments that add to the wear of our carpet. Things like dust, dander, hair, and just dust as a whole hurt our rugs. These act like sandpaper on the rug fibers which, with time, break them down. Much of these particles are so small that they are not conveniently seen. Yet just because they can’t be seen doesn’t imply they are not doing damage to your carpet. So, one of the most essential points you can do to prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum consistently.

4. Rug cleansers offer “rug protector” as a way to make a fast dollar.

Modern carpeting, referred to as fifth-generation carpets in the business, is vastly improved from prior generations. Today’s carpeting contains some remarkable discolor fighting features consisting of Teflon-based guards and something called acid color blockers. While these breakthroughs have made carpeting stay cleaner, much longer, they do break gradually. Because of this it is beneficial to re-apply carpeting protector periodically.

5. Carpets will get dirty more quickly after they have actually been expertly cleaned.

Years earlier, when rug cleaning firms mainly utilized the method referred to as shampooing, this impact was feasible if the carpet cleanser did not adhere to correct treatments. Nevertheless, with today’s carpeting cleaning methods, particularly vehicle mounted heavy steam extraction, this is no more the instance. Unless the carpeting cleaner in question is using inexpensive chemicals in improper ways, today’s vapor cleaning approaches and cleaning representatives to not leave sticky deposit behind. This indicates carpetings will certainly not re-soil more quickly due to the cleaning process.